“That’s how it’s meant to be” Series – Indian Dowry System

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Luxury at the cost of another family, that is what dowry is.

In some case groom demands dowry and in some, his beloved parents do. In both cases, that’s not the right family to send your daughter. Money seeking family just needs money, neither a good daughter nor a good wife for their son. If they are foolish enough not to count on the education, talent or smartness of your daughter, then please don’t proceed with any relation with them.

Below are the few reasons, I have heard from those who ask dowry.
1. “To make our son’s future safe” – Ask them, “Who are supposed to make your son’s future safe, What was the role of parents so ? “
2. “To meet expenses of the new family” – Tell them, “If the Groom is not able to meet expenses or bring in financial stability, he is not supposed to marry now”
3. “We gave this amount of dowry to our daughter, so we need this for our son” – Ask them, “You marry off your offspring or do you sell and buy them like cattle ?”
4. “We have a daughter, so to marry her off, we need this for our son” – exclaim that, ” So some other girl’s father should look after the expenditure of your daughter !!”
Let’s change the dowry attitude going forward.

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