Bogus Brains

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It’s all buzzing, realization of bots, they chatter
Catching all attention, how fascinating matter!

There is this talking bot, which is not an illusion,
There is this texting bot, is there too much delusion!

Every mansion owns a ghost, ‘Siry’ or ‘Alexandro’,
Defined as helper of mankind, my son’s new commando.

Sings like a cuckoo, narrates like a granny, her fairy tales,
Let alone you ask, “Will you marry me?” She pales.

Whereas in town, ‘Chat ji’ is the current sensation,
God knows what his duration of revelations is.

Playing hangman, when you throw a tough nut to crack,
Playing smart, many times at what you lack.

‘GMap’, the only woman, whose directions all men listen,
At times, landing you in front of a pond, accomplishing mission.

The ‘googly eyed performer’ is yet to impress,
Are you waiting to explore, the AI in progress?

Replace a human with a robot, will it pour empathy,
Can technology running blood display any sympathy?

Decoding to implement, lacking to be flexible,
Can they win where we fail? Human incredible!

Invented by injecting, bias and discrimination,
Let not what we feed be its cause for evasion.

Feed it unique intelligence, so as to stop wars,
To save mankind from disasters and diseases.

At the end of all these digestion, you realize that
The biggest boon is to have a loving human to chat.

Underrate my cecity, for bots cannot be humans,
After all who created these bots? The intelligent humans.

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