Get to know more about me


Warm welcome to my garden where words bloom.

I’m a mere human beneath the moon, with a passion to pen my thoughts and share from my experiences. But to keep it formal – I’m a mother of two, an IT Professional, a writer, a blogger, a social worker. 

I slipped into the world of finding solace in poems at a very young age and that still continues by God’s grace. I have recently started exploring short story writings, travel diaries, thought provokers as well. If at times my intention in writing is to raise voice against a particular concern, some other times it is just musings of my heart. At time I dive deep into philosophy and at times I wander around in the nature.  I love to keep my lines brimming with energy so as to embrace the pleasure of my writing.  

Though I used to write and a few of them had been published and won accolades earlier, it was in 2022 March , one of my poems made a break through. Receiving the Winner of ‘A Rhythmic Affair: Season 2’, conducted by ‘Beyond the Box’ has been an amazing moment for the not so courageous writer in me. Surprising consequence was that it boosted my confidence to write more. I came across a few more online platforms like Penmancy, ArtoonsInn, SoulCraft and Beyond the Box. And this is the beginning of me exploring the world of writing and learning. 

I look forward to publishing my own book in future, keeping fingers crossed!

My articles have been in BlogSpot till date, but I wished for a better personal space for my collections and my family, i.e. my readers. So that’s a short story about me and birth of my website. 

I hope you enjoy reading my works. Show them some love by leaving your comments.