In laws and spouse

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All beautiful ladies out there, if you got a kid, just think of your delivery day, that labour pain. Now imagine your mother-in-law, enduring the same pain, to gift you, your world, your husband, your life.

All handsome gentlemen out there, if you got a kid, think of the day when you madly ran to the hospital and waited anxiously to hold your baby for the first time. Now, imagine how your father-in-law, might have gone through the same, praying to hold your love, your wife, your world in his hands safely for the first time.

Think of the way you cuddle, play, care, and work to keep your kid happy and safe. And how your in-laws must have done the same for their kid(your spouse).

Yes, in-laws may not be correct all time. They may not make you happy every time. But don’t steal their kid from them. Don’t steal the right of your spouse to love his/her parents. Loosen them, and let your spouse freely love their parents, which will make your spouse happy and in return your family too.

Remember, soon we may become an in-law too. However we try to make our daughter-in-law or son-in-law happy, they still might find fault with us.

I won’t say every day, but once in a while, we can make our in-laws happy, right?

Stay Blessed.

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